The Cooperation Group for Iranian Associations in Sweden (IFR) 
Address: IFR, P.O.Box 6038, 164 06 KISTA - SWEDEN 

Founding: The Confederation was found through uniting of different Iranian associations in Sweden.
International co-operation: The Confederation co-operates with Iranian associations in 
several different countries such as Germany, Norway, Denmark, Italy, 
England, France, Holland, Canada and USA.
Aims and main:   - To stand up for the Iranians, living in Sweden. 
Defend their rights and interests in the Swedish society. 
- Together with Swedish organisation movements create an understanding between the cultuers. 
- Assist Iranian refugees and immigrants with support and advice. 
- To counteract racialism and hostility. 
- To build a condition of integration in the Swedish society. 
Member associations:  The Confederation on 2009 has 13 Iranian associations as members in Sweden. 
Magazine: The Confederation has a magazine "Anjoman" coming out every month. 

For further information, feel free to contact us.